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For my mom’s birthday I gave her a pair of green paisley oven mitts like those I sell in my etsy store. They match her kitchen perfectly and, well, I’m embarrassed to say it hadn’t occurred to me sooner to give them to her. I mean, she’s lived in her new house for about 3 years! They would have made a lovely housewarming gift. Oh well, I never claimed I was a great gift giver as I’ve said in earlier posts, and if we hadn’t had Thanksgiving at her house last year, I probably wouldn’t have thought of it at all.

My mom uses these super thin, Wal-Mart cheapo oven mitts which seriously are so thin you just as well use your bare hands to get stuff out of the oven. Only after searing my own hands and hearing my siblings and in-laws repeatedly complain of the same during the festive occasion did I think about oven mitts being a great gift for Mom.

Mom’s birthday comes around, I actually remember to give her the oven mitts, she opens her gift and loves them! I sense a wave of relief emanating from each family member there who’s cooked in Mom’s kitchen and know we are all looking forward to using them next time we cook at her house.

Except next time we’re at Mom’s house, no new oven mitts. “Mom, where are your new oven mitts?” “Oh, I’m going to sew hooks on them so I can hang them up. They’re too pretty to use.” (Sigh) So I took them home and added loops for her…

…where they now adorn her kitchen wall, never to touch the heat of an oven in their lifetime. But she loves the fabric so much she asks for a new valance for her kitchen window…

And she bought more fabric for chair covers, which I am also making. (I’ll post more on those later.) I may not give gifts very often, but at least this one was a huge success. Mom still has the super thin, Wal-Mart cheapo oven mitts (not just one, but 2 pair) so at least I know what to give her for her birthday again this year!


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