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If you’re lucky enough to be attending the Ignite Your Spark event in Salt Lake City this weekend, Feb. 26-27, and have a VIP ticket, you’ll be receiving, in addition to a really inspiring day, a bag of goodies including one of my designer tea wallets. Say “Yes” To Your Dreams is the theme of the event. Visit for more information.

I offer a wide variety of colors, fabrics and styles in my store. Many coordinate with other items in the Tea Room and Kitchen. All are fully lined,  interlined with cotton batting, with 4 pockets perfectly sized for tea bags, sweeteners or drivers license and credit cards. Many use recycled materials and small scraps that would normally be thrown out. All are really cute, fun and practical!  = )

Black Damask


Michi Kanji


Red and Taupe Paisley

Butterflies with Lime Green

Sisters of the Golden Temple

To see all available tea wallets in my store click here.


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Next time you take a dish to a potluck, gathering or party, carry your dish in a Casserole Cuddler®. Modeled after a carrier my Gramma made, Casserole Cuddlers® are an easy, stylish, and convenient way to carry a hot or cold cake dish pan, muffin tin, platter, dinner plate, casserole dish or pot, to your next party or family gathering. In addition to being a terrific way to carry a hot or cold dish, Cuddlers are also a very popular gift idea!

They are available in a variety of other fabrics and new fabrics are added throughout the year. Some have matching hot pads which are sold separately and I’m working on oven mitts as well.

Lilacs and poppies has just been added today – a pretty floral on a butterscotch background.

They are super easy to use:

Just open all the flaps…

Then set your hot or cold dish on the center base…

Next, fold each side flap over your dish, and engage the Velcro strips…

Lastly, grab the handles and GO!

Blue Paisley

Casserole Cuddlers are made of high-quality cotton upholstery fabric in a variety of prints and colors and are easy to clean. Remove the 1/8″ hardwood board from the base pocket as well as the wood dowel handles before washing the fabric. The fabric is pre-washed and is machine washable with like colors, tumble dry and low iron if needed. The handles and base can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Contemporary Southwest

Black Damask

In addition to being easy to clean, Casserole Cuddlers are also easy to store – just fold the flaps and handles over the center base. Folded size is approximately 10″ W. x 12″ L. x 1″ H.

Zebra print

Giraffe print

Henhouse (available with ivory or red handles)

Cuddle your Casserole today! = )

(We do not recommend carrying tapered bowls in your Cuddler. The flaps will probably not hold your bowl balanced and your bowl will fall on the ground and break and you’ll be very sad – we’ve learned, I’m sorry to say, from experience. We also recommend you place one hand under the base to increase stability while your Cuddler, though many Cuddlers users say this isn’t necessary…. Casserole Cuddler© are not made with flame-resistant fabric and should not be left near open flame or hot stove burners.)

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There is a lot to say about pillows, though I couldn’t think of anything myself. But other people have said a lot of interesting things about pillows. Like…

“Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith makes one fine pillow.” – author unknown

or… “There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience” which is apparently a French proverb.

Or how about what Drew Barrymore has to say about pillows… “When I lay my head on the pillow at night I can say I was a decent person today. That’s when I feel beautiful.” …I like that one.

There were 6 pages of quotes about pillows of one sort or another. But let’s face it, some pillows just have to speak for themselves. Here are a few that speak very loudly and boldly on their own behalf. They’ll be listed in my store by February 12th…

Neon Tiziana 12x12 pillow cover

Sunkist Express 12x12 pillow cover

Hot Pink Cosmopolitan 12x12 pillow cover

All are made from recycled high-end decorator fabric swathes.

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My teacup purse is featured along with all these wonderful teacup creations in the Tea and Crumpets Treasury on

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